Who We Are


A Trusted Software Sales & Implementation Company. A Change Management Consultancy.

A Total Solution that is Transforming the Real Estate, Title, Escrow, Settlement Services, Vendor Management, REO, Legal, Searching, Abstracting, Notary, Relocation, Insurance, and Financial Services Industries. A Leading Impetus for Efficiency and Change.

WINDWARD strives to be nothing less than a complete automation and production solution for its valuable clients. Using industry-leading ResWareTM software, and with the help of a team of technological and title partners and experts, we support our clients as they implement an efficient process that enhances every aspect of their business methodology from start to finish, providing significant, sustained improvements to transactional capacity, employee and client retention, automation, process transparency, best practices, and profitability.
WINDWARD is a TRUSTED PARTNER to companies and agencies across the nation and is the fastest growing consulting and software company in the industry. We work with some of the largest agencies, companies, and underwriters in the country, providing the meaningful, directed changes our clients need to remain energized, profitable, flexible, and resilient in the face of a rapidly evolving and constantly changing industry.

WINDWARD: Leading the Efficiency RevolutionTM

Industry managers are always struggling to improve their company by pushing down turn-times and increasing transactional volume. Unfortunately, it’s impossible for a company to make a large-scale improvement simply by honing down the same old techniques it has been using for decades—obsolete techniques that have remained effectively unchanged since before the advent of the Internet.
At WINDWARD, we are dedicated to making meaningful positive changes that transform and improve all aspects of a company’s way of doing business. We are a team of industry and automation experts that have passionately introduced the world to a robust, self-administering software platform that streamlines and guides the title process from beginning to end. By focusing on automation, repeatability, and comprehensive metrics, ResWareTM lets WINDWARD’s clients focus on actually completing the judgment-heavy parts of their transactions instead of juggling menial administrative tasks like organizing files and typing out standard emails. We give our clients all-in-one XML/integration and ResWare™TM-to-ResWareTM services, so they have happy vendors and happy clients.
Everything WINDWARD does works toward a final goal of creating a more productive, profitable, and scalable company. There is no reason that title & escrow agencies, real estate companies, and other “transactional” businesses should be wasting their time and resources on stressful, unnecessary administrative housekeeping when the right software system would take care of those tasks automatically. And in an evolving industry, remaining static is a surefire way to be overtaken by competitors.
Interested in learning how WINDWARD can transform your company’s business process and put it on course for maintaining a long-term sustainable competitive advantage? Call one of our representatives at 608-850-5170 to learn more.