Resware Resware Changes Everything

ResWareTM simply redefines what "total solution" really means. No other industry software solution offers so much in one, integrated .NET package. Workflow process automation with Action Lists, dynamic Transactional RoboticsTM, and e-mail & fax server integration; vendor & AfBA partner management and coordination; web-based transaction management; document management; title, escrow, and closing production; auditing, advanced trust & escrow accounting; self-administration; and an unsurpassed list of advanced paperless office features make ResWareTM
The New Real Estate Industry StandardTM

Title, Escrow & Sub-Escrow

WINDWARD CONSULTING strives to be nothing less than a complete automation and production solution for its valuable clients within the title, escrow and sub-escrow industries. We take pride in providing an unmatched TOTAL SOLUTION – ResWareTM and WINDWARD consulting services – that is absolutely transforming the TITLE, ESCROW & SUB-ESCROW industry over the last decade. We are elated and proud to be told by your respected peers, trusted colleagues and industry experts that ResWareTM has no equal and is in a “class on its own”, 5-7 years ahead of competition.
Using industry-leading ResWareTM software, and with the help of a team of technological, title, escrow & sub-escrow consulting partners and experts, WINDWARD supports you, as a valuable client in the title, escrow and sub-escrow industry, in order to implement extremely efficient title, escrow or sub-escrow-specific processes that enhance every aspect of your title, escrow & sub-escrow business methodology from start to finish, providing significant, sustained improvements to transactional capacity, employee and client retention, automation, Transactional Robotics™, process transparency, best practices, title, escrow & sub-escrow production, and profitability.
WINDWARD simply knows state-specific, regional, and nationwide title, escrow and sub-escrow. We live it and we breathe it every day with our clients and it is our passion.
We “know” residential purchase & refinance, commercial purchase & refinance, title only, short sale, reverse mortgage, foreclosure, and deed in lieu, as well as many other transaction and product types, having worked with hundreds of companies in the last decade. We can certainly provide “starter” Action ListsTM to you and your company to be used as a “springboard” for administering your best practice-driven Action ListsTM inside YOUR ResWareTM.
We even understand the nuances of the Southern California sub-escrow market and have powerful features and tools for title, escrow and sub-escrow production for these specific markets, as well, inside ResWareTM.
We know that is imperative that your ResWareTM system streamline and control how you securely, efficiently and effectively connect Buyers, Sellers, Real Estate Agents, Lenders, Loan Officers, Appraisers, Sales & Marketing Representatives, Underwriters, Searchers and Notaries to your title, escrow and sub-escrow professionals within (and across) your organization. We know that your professionals are often spread out over large geographic distances, as you process files across many states, many counties and amongst your teams that operate in both central production facilities and branches across the state or nation…and ResWareTM is YOUR SOLUTION for making your company ONE, COHESIVE, WORKFLOW-DRIVEN (AUTOMATED) title, escrow, sub-escrow and vendor management entity.
For more information on how ResWareTM can specifically help you as a TITLE, ESCROW & SUB-ESCROW professional, please contact WINDWARD at 608-850-5170 or e-mail info-email.
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