System 2 Thinking


System 2 Thinking, which is a trusted partner of Windward Consulting, was founded in 2007 as a niche consultancy that helped title agencies navigate the issues surrounding licensing. After Allen Solomon became CEO, System 2 Thinking evolved into a full-service management consulting firm and is now a business process consulting and digital marketing firm serving clients in the title and mortgage industries across the nation.

System 2 Thinking in website design and digital marketing services for companies in the title industry. By crafting and maintaining an online presence that engages leads, nurtures sales, and builds thought leadership, System 2 Thinking opens new channels of revenue and helps its clients thrive. By designing a world class website and building engagement with individually targeted businesses, System 2 Thinking helps create online conversations that move into the real world and allow clients to enjoy the profitability and value that comes from true engagement with the individuals and businesses that matter.

System 2 Thinking also provides focused management consulting services that support agencies as they increase their geographic scope, explore new markets, and restructure their business process. System 2 Thinking allows clients to move into multiple states quickly by offering the business improvement consultation necessary to institute a streamlined operational infrastructure. System 2 Thinking also walks agencies through a strategic licensing process and provides ongoing compliance mentorship.

The experts at System 2 Thinking are committed to helping title agencies build their client base and improve their way of doing business. Visit System 2 Thinking’s website [LINK TO] to learn more.