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ResWareTM simply redefines what "total solution" really means. No other industry software solution offers so much in one, integrated .NET package. Workflow process automation with Action Lists, dynamic Transactional RoboticsTM, and e-mail & fax server integration; vendor & AfBA partner management and coordination; web-based transaction management; document management; title, escrow, and closing production; auditing, advanced trust & escrow accounting; self-administration; and an unsurpassed list of advanced paperless office features make ResWareTM
The New Real Estate Industry StandardTM

ResWare™ Third Party Integrations

ResWareTM has a powerful integration with Simplifile for fast and efficient e-Recording. Regional and nationwide search product vendors such as DataTrace’s TitleIQ, RedVision, A.S.K. Services, Abstrax, Idaho Liens, Nextace, and many others are all supported as integration partners.
The list of available integration partners and vendors grows each and every month, as we strive to continually improve ResWareTM‘s compatibility with the best 3rd party products on the market today. The following is just a sample, featured list of just some of the current integrations inside ResWare.
For a full and complete, updated list, please contact WINDWARD at 608-850-5170 or

Accounting, Fraud Prevention, Automated Positive Pay and Automated Reconciliation Rynoh RynohLive® is a patented financial management and fraud prevention system that is fully integrated with ResWareTM. Currently optimized for the real estate settlement industry, RynohLive® ensures the integrity of financial transactions in any business setting.
Since being introduced nationally in 2009, RynohLive® has: identified defalcation, wire and ACH fraud; stopped employee embezzlements; eliminated check fraud, disbursing errors and saved its clients millions of dollars within the settlement industry.
With RynohLive®, insurers can review escrow and other account activity, establish alert criteria and receive daily & monthly reports – directly and independently – identifying fraud and ensuring best practices are maintained by their insured. National and Regional Title Insurance Underwriters representing in excess of a 90% market share have tested, evaluated, endorsed, and in many instances mandated the use of RynohLive® in order to mitigate the staggering losses caused by agent defalcation/ embezzlement. For Lenders, RynohLive® will validate the integrity of the financial transaction from origination to the disbursement of funds in accordance with the closing instructions.
Automated Reconciliation and Automated Positive Pay, in addition to the amazing features above, are both possible with this integration inside ResWareTM.
Bankruptcy Quandis Quandis offers a direct and automated search of Pacer’s Bankruptcy Case Locator. Using an automated “call” from ResWareTM, this integration allows for the receipt of the most current information from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court system to determine if an individual has sought protection under federal bankruptcy laws. The Bankruptcy records cover all bankruptcy districts in the United States including voluntarily or involuntarily Chapter 7, 11, 12, and 13 petition filings are supported.
eRecording Simplifile ResWareTM‘s partner – Simplifile – is focused on building the industry’s de facto e-recording network. Simplifile provides a streamlined, simple, yet scalable approach to electronic recording tailored to counties of all shapes and sizes.
Simplifile’s nationwide e-recording network also allows organizations that regularly file land record documents with the county-including title companies, banks, and law firms-to record in any county on the network. These “submitter” organizations are able to e-record property documents easily using a PC, high-speed Internet connection and scanner, saving them time and money and actually enhancing document security.
Simplifile e-recording services replace their existing courier or express mail service and with the integration inside the Recordings Tab inside ResWareTM, users can click on a “Send to Simplifile” button to allow them e-record from INSIDE ResWareTM.
HUD Population Medallion Analytics Medallion brings vendors, borrowers, and staff together in one place, at the same time. You can keep your current process, your current vendors, and your existing LOS. There are no new processes to learn.
Medallion’s ResWareTM-integrated flexible rules engine automatically adapts to your current best practices bringing all documents and information into a secure eVault. Instead of just storing images of your documents, Medallion extracts all of the data out of those images – and then uses this information to populate the HUD or HUD-1, for instance. The data is extracted, not just the images. Now ResWareTM users can speed the HUD-prep process with use of this data, instead of just images and .PDFs. Medallion’s amazing technology analyzes your information in REAL time. The result is extensive audit capability ensuring compliance and enabling error free closings, as well as a secure vault of all documents and information that is easily accessible at any time.
Rate Generation TitleHound TitleHound is the only substantive rate calculator available that has the ability to calculate and, if desired, compare rates within a single underwriter or from numerous major underwriters while utilizing all unique and commonly overlooked but available discounts at a transactional level in a scalable business model. The TitleHound integration with ResWareTM creates efficiencies while offering accuracy, compliance, GFE Assurance, customer quote management support, and operational efficiencies for title agents and underwriters.
TitleHound provides custom delivery of instant and accurate title premium quotes including accurate and guaranteed title insurance premiums, and endorsements based on automated requests that are generated inside ResWareTM, should clients wish to utilize this for-fee service.
Recording Fees Ernst Ernst Information Services has been the leading authority on land recording requirements for over two decades. Through Web, XML, DLL and Custom Fee Engine technology, Ernst has created solutions that improve how its clients process real estate transactions. Ernst’s primary goal is to assist our subscribers in meeting RESPA compliance requirements. Ernst provides complete, guaranteed third party Good Faith Estimate (GFE) solutions (which are directly accessible inside ResWareTM) that eliminate out of compliance Good Faith Estimates and real estate recording rejections.
This integration greatly increases productivity, saving ResWareTM clients time and money.
Shipping FedEx This FEDEX Shipping integration allows for you to generate shipments directly inside ResWareTM‘s Shipping Tab. This gives you seamless, integrated access to FEDEX’s shipping expertise through an electronic interface, gives you greater shipping efficiency and a more competitive edge, and makes it possible to make FEDEX shipments (and track FEDEX shipments) without ever leaving the ResWareTM interface.
If you want fast, easy, personalized information to help you begin shipping with your FedEx account, FEDEX is ready to get you started. FEDEX’s customizable, shareable and updatable quick-start guide (along with integration information which can be made available from ResWareTM) is available online or as a PDF and gives you access to the top-level information you need to get started shipping from inside ResWareTM.
  UPS This UPS Shipping integration allows for you to generate shipments directly inside ResWareTM‘s Shipping Tab. This gives you integrated access to UPS’ Plug logistics expertise, give you greater shipping efficiency and a more competitive edge, and makes it possible to do all this without ever leaving the ResWareTM interface.
Signing Signature Closers Nationwide, Signature Closers has been providing quality notary signing agent services for title companies and lenders since 2006. Instead of spending excess time finding qualified closers and managing those closers throughout the year and at year end, please reach out to ResWareTM partner – Signature Closers.
With this integration, signing or closing information can be passed into and out of ResWareTM Signing Tab to and from Signature Closers, making coordination with them seamless, efficient and automated, thus reducing the complexity of the signing and closing process.
Tax Liens (ID) Idaho Liens Studio Gravity’s Idaho Liens database is integrated with ResWareTM to allow for lien searching to be triggered from within ResWareTM, so result data can automatically appear in ResWareTM‘s Search Data (Commitment) Tab.
Title Search NextAce NextAce combines a deep understanding of Patterned Data Extraction (PDE) or Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology from unstructured documents into a data aggregation and extraction platform that is unparalleled in the title insurance, mortgage, and real estate markets.
NextAce can automatically perform a search and return information directly into ResWareTM‘s Search Data (Commitment) Tab.
  DataTrace More than a technology provider, the DataTrace organization is a partner with the title insurance industry, supporting automation initiatives with trustworthy state-of-the-art products. DataTrace did not rest after pioneering the automation of large-scale title and tax databases, but have continued to try to perfect the way title insurers conduct title examinations. Much of DataTrace’s innovation has sprung from insightful conversations with our customers. This ongoing dialogue has influenced DataTrace’s products and services, including our single-application search capability.
Data Trace manages the largest network of title plants in the world, a responsibility that is not taken lightly, as evidenced by the following strengths:
DataTrace can automatically perform a search and return information directly into ResWareTM‘s Search Data (Commitment) Tab.
  TitleWave ResWare offers an importer with this program to be used in conjuction with ResWareTM‘s Search Data (Commitment) Tab.
  Fidelity ResWare offers an importer to allow Fidelity Agents in Florida and other supported regions to import an PTS/PXT file directly into ResWareTM‘s Search Data (Commitment) Tab.
  Old Republic ResWare offers an importer to allow Old Republic Agents in Florida and other supported regions to import an PTS/PXT file directly into ResWareTM‘s Search Data (Commitment) Tab.
  First American ResWare offers an importer to allow First American Agents in Florida and other supported regions to import an XML file directly into ResWareTM‘s Search Data (Commitment) Tab.
  Westcor ResWare offers an importer to allow Westcor Agents in Florida and other supported regions to import an XML file directly into ResWareTM‘s Search Data (Commitment) Tab.