“Make a Child Smile” Bike Building Event for Guidestone OHIO at National Settlement Services Summit (NS3) (Sponsored by Windward)

Annually sponsored by WINDWARD, conceived by founder Curt Szymanski, funded by WINDWARD, and started in 2012 at the annual October Research National Settlement Services Summit (NS3) in 2012, “Make a Child Smile” Bike Building Event benefits the children of Guidestone Ohio
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Food for Kidz and Waunakee For for Kidz (Sponsored by Windward)

Annually sponsored by WINDWARD since 2010, Food for Kidz not only nourishes hungry families, but the spirit of its donors and volunteers. Did you know that over 18,000 die form starvation each and every day? . The Dane County Community Action Coalition (CAC) will be distributing many of our meals free to 50 local food pantries. However, we can only package as many meals as your donations allow, so no donation or time commitment is too small to help eradicate hunger. Learn more by visiting or
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Caribbean Youth Network (CYN) (Sponsored by Windward)

CYN’s purpose is to serve as an international mission organization fostering the planting, partnering, and networking of relational, Christ-centered youth ministry to the ends that youth can be introduced to the Gospel and grow into a mature relationship with Christ. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA with island offices in Long Island in the Southern Bahamas, CYN, learn more about CYN by visiting
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