About Adeptive

WINDWARD’s partner, based in Louisville, CO, Adeptive is a technology company that develops products that deliver efficiency, flexibility and scalability for the real estate title industry. Adeptive is known primarily in the title industry for its product ResWareTM, which is a process flow software package that can be scaled and customized for any size operation. Used by many of the industry’s leading companies, ResWareTM ensures that transactions are accurate and efficient and that employees are executing the same way every time, reducing missing information, lost productivity, and costly errors.

Adeptive and WINDWARD, together, are the fastest growing companies in the title and escrow software market, thanks to ResWareTM‘s continued strong adoption by agents and underwriters across the country and their strong and long-standing partnership.

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The insurance industry experiences hundreds of millions of dollars in losses each year as a result of fraud and theft committed by individuals who handle other people’s money. From trustees to bookkeepers to attorneys who misuse clients’ funds entrusted to them, to title agents, escrow agents and pension fiduciaries, fraud losses are often insured. The types of insurance affected by such losses include errors & omissions coverage, fidelity & surety bonds, title insurance via the associated closing protection letter provided to the lender, attorney’s malpractice, and other property & casualty products.

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System 2 Thinking

System 2 Thinking which is a trusted partner of Windward Consulting, was founded in 2007 as a niche consultancy that helped title agencies navigate the issues surrounding licensing. After Allen Solomon became CEO, System 2 Thinking evolved into a full-service management consulting firm and is now a business process consulting and digital marketing firm serving clients in the title and mortgage industries across the nation.