Mission, Passion & Vision


Helping Companies Realize to Their Full Potential

Most companies in the real estate, title, escrow, settlement services, vendor management, REO, legal, searching, abstracting, notary, relocation, insurance, financial services, and other paper-based “transactional” industries are using the same infrastructure and business processes they were using decades ago—and they are squandering their time and resources because of it. At WINDWARD, our mission is to give our clients the gift of a truly efficient, automated, and “Best Practice-driven” business process—and all the attendant improvements that come with it.


New technology and business process optimization techniques have the power to dramatically improve the way companies in “transactional” industries do business. Our goal is not to simply make our clients more profitable—though that’s a large part of it—but to truly improve their company. We show our clients how to use such technological advancements as full integration, automation, Go Paperless! Features, and advanced reporting and metrics to transform every aspect of their business process.
At WINDWARD, we envision a new way of doing business, where employees are energized by a purposeful workload, rote tasks were completed automatically, and all parties to a transaction have access to a single fully integrated platform with up-to-date information about each transaction.

Today, WINDWARD makes this vision a reality.

The right technology can automate the endless stream of menial, redundant tasks that only serve to distract and worry staff. Instituting a paperless process and the right vendor, fee management, web-based Transaction Management, and document management systems can take out much of the stress, struggle, effort, and hassle out of transactions while increasing customer, employee, and partner satisfaction. And using a system that automatically generates complex metrics allows agencies to hone their business process and identify and address weaknesses quickly.

WINDWARD: Leading the Efficiency RevolutionTM

We are a partner you can trust—we not only sell the most robust and feature-rich software on the market, ResWareTM, but we also take the time to help each one of our clients implement it in the most effective way possible and learn its self-administration features so the company can manage and control its business process—and enjoy the benefits of a well-optimized process flow—for decades to come.
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