How We Work


WINDWARD helps companies in the real estate, title, and settlement services industries streamline their operations and align their business flow in a way that improves profitability, scalability, and customer satisfaction. We offer our clients the ability to create a workflow within ResWareTM with consistent, repeatable results and full integration with all their vendors and partners.
Using ResWareTM software, WINDWARD provides top-down change management consulting that allows its clients to reach their full potential with minimal disruption during the implementation phase and consistent results going forward.

At WINDWARD CONSULTING, Our Clients are Our Partners

By aligning our clients’ workflow with their goals, we help create a motivated, unified workplace where staff focus on tasks that generate revenue and differentiating your firm’s products and services, instead of dissipating their energies on administrative housekeeping that can be more easily and effectively handled by an automated, workflow, vendor management, document management and web-based Transaction Management System (TMS) inside ResWareTM. Because WINDWARD helps its clients break down their business process into its granular components (e.g. Global Actions inside Action ListsTM inside ResWareTM), clients are able to scale upward and downward more fluently, and many of WINDWARD’s partners report a 50-100% increase in employee and partner retention. Furthermore, by helping our clients cut down their turn times and institute more effective communications and virtualized, web-based collaboration systems, we are able to substantially increase their customer satisfaction rates.
To learn more about how WINDWARD CONSULTING can help you improve your way of doing business, call today at 608-850-5170 or e-mail info-email.