Resware Resware Changes Everything

ResWareTM simply redefines what "total solution" really means. No other industry software solution offers so much in one, integrated .NET package. Workflow process automation with Action Lists, dynamic Transactional RoboticsTM, and e-mail & fax server integration; vendor & AfBA partner management and coordination; web-based transaction management; document management; title, escrow, and closing production; auditing, advanced trust & escrow accounting; self-administration; and an unsurpassed list of advanced paperless office features make ResWareTM
The New Real Estate Industry StandardTM

Flexible, Configurable, Self-Administered

ResWareTM is an easy-to-use, self-administered application that allows you to control your own “software destiny” with agility, speed, control and flexibility.
Hundreds of Office Options are available to Adeptive to help configure the application and to “turn on” or “turn off” features required by your organization, but making it possible for ResWareTM‘s development team to only administer one code base for all ResWareTM users.
Through a secure, administration interface, several hundred self-administered configuration settings can be made available to your ResWareTM Administrators – the left-brained, process-oriented individuals chosen within your organization to be your “Mr. ResWareTM” or “Mrs. ResWareTM“, with the important job of initializing maintaining, and passionately improving ResWareTM as you build continuous improvement and further efficiencies, transparencies, automations, and features inside ResWareTM – as you pledge to leverage technology and automation to propel your company forward.
…YOUR Transaction Types, YOUR Product Types, YOUR Teams, YOUR Documents, YOUR Rates, YOUR Actions, YOUR Action Groups, YOUR Action ListsTM, YOUR Document Templates inside Microsoft® Word and Microsoft® Excel, YOUR Fees by Product, State and County, YOUR Configurable Web-Based, Client-Facing Transaction Management System (TMS), YOUR Transactional RoboticsTM / Transactional AutomationTM…YOU HAVE TOTAL CONTROL of the workflows, processes, automations, e-mail templates, documents, templates, vendor assignment rules, etc. inside ResWareTM – not us, as your software provider…
There is simply no solution on the market today that allows you to control your own software destiny like ResWareTM. It is “hands-down” the most flexible, configurable, and “self-administer-able” application on the market today. It is perfectly adaptable to the differences in process flows, rules, and methodologies across organizations, along with geographic-specific indiosyncracies related to documents, templates, fees, rates, client-preferences, vendor assignment, and the like.
And, there isn’t a company out there that matches the expertise, passion and experience of WINDWARD in making ResWareTM implementations a success. WINDWARD is Leading the Efficiency RevolutionTM.