Curt Szymanski, President


Curt_New2Curt Szymanski is the President of WINDWARD Consulting, where he pursues his passion of coupling technology and business process optimization in order to improve the way that companies in the title industry do business.


Before leading WINDWARD, Curt Szymanski founded and ran UCLID Software (now Extract Systems), which produced a cadastral mapping product and sells semi-automated data extraction and data indexing products for land records and mapping for use by government officials and professionals. UCLID’s IcoMap® was the recipient of the National Society of Professional Engineer’s 2001 National New Product of the Year Award, TitleTech 2001 Award, and Wisconsin Governor’s New Product Award in 2000 and 2001. Mr. Szymanski has authored and holds numerous patents and patents pending.


Curt has served on the National Cadastral Special Interest Group Committee (with ESRI) and has attended international conferences and events to assist developing nations in implementing land records management systems and processes. Curt has spent time in Southeast Asia working with the Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia, and has worked with other governments and organizations in the Caribbean (Bahamas & Turks & Caicos), including working with the U.S. Trade & Development Agency, in the area to help bring about land records modernization. He is an active real estate expert in the Bahamas and Caribbean and has seen first-hand the state of land records systems in this region – and is passionate about land records modernization in these areas. He is an active member of the American Land Title Association (ALTA), ALTA Technology Committee, ALTA Title Abstract Standard Initiative (TASI) Sub-Committee, and MISMO Title Workgroup He is the co-author of the industry-standard Title Abstract Data Standard (TADS). He is passionate about what the land title industry does in the U.S. and worldwide to help ‘unlock capital’ and bring about capitalism and economic prosperity.


Mr. Szymanski holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Minnesota and a master’s in Mechanical Engineering (MSME) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, with a focus on automatic controls, robotics, and automation. Mr. Szymanski also has an MBA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with dual degree focus in Management, Human Resources, & Entrepreneurship and Real Estate & Urban Land Economics.


Mr. Szymanski’s interests include ResWareTM, public speaking, land records modernization, technology and business strategy, software process and product development, sailing/boating, exploring islands (especially the Bahamas, Anguilla, St. Maarten & St. Barths), snorkeling, international real estate, photography, and entrepreneurial activities. He is the proud father of Grace Cay Szymanski, Kaylee Anna Szymanski, and Kai Ayden Szymanski.


Mr. Szymanski believes strongly in the business model of growing his businesses by referrals from happy customers. It is a simple, yet powerful business model that has led to success time and time again. By exceeding expectations of all of WINDWARD’s clients, he believes they will spread the word to their colleagues, trusted peers and friends and his companies’ products and services will grow “virally” – by referrals, by passion, by excitement in the industry for what his products and services can do, and by the success of each and every client. Mr. Szymanski passionately believes that all of this builds a strong story of success and a true passion for efficiency, transparency, paperless production, and automation. He takes tremendous pride in the juggling that ResWareTM‘s embedded technologies can do for his clients, so that they can do what they do best – talking to their clients, growing and expanding their business, making complex decisions, interacting with each other, etc. Valuing time (Life is too short, as Curt says) more than anything, there is no reason that ResWareTM cannot be administered to perform mundane, monotonous, and repetitive tasks to reduce stress, struggle, repetition and effort – so that his clients go home at night and not feel like a “bowl of Jello®,” as Curt always says. Clients having the energy to spend with their spouse, children, friends and family after a day of hard work (with the help of automation inside ResWareTM) is what drives Mr. Szymanski’s passion, more than anything.


Mr. Szymanski believes that a life without risk and passion is like no life at all.


“I I W I I” – It Is What It Is.