Consulting Services Overview


The Technology to Create a Total Transformation

The Business Process Consulting to Implement it Successfully

WINDWARD CONSULTING is, first and foremost, a TRUSTED PARTNER to its clients. Our primary goal is to help improve our clients’ business process in such a way that positively impacts every facet of their company.
WINDWARD’s consultants have been working with companies in the real estate, title, escrow, settlement services, and other “transactional” industries for years, and they excel at pinpointing the areas of our clients’ processes that need improvement and then working with clients to establish a business flow that addresses any limitations and lets clients achieve full efficiency.
Many of the frustrating, time-consuming tasks that squander title agent’s time and drain agency’s resources are actually holdovers from the old ways of doing “transactional” business —ways that came into their own years ago, before the advent of the Internet or the advanced technology we enjoy today.
WINDWARD’s consultants have decades of experience and know all of the most effective techniques to bring our clients’ processes up to date. We are passionate and enthsiastic about helping their clients create a streamlined business flow that realigns and simplifies operations with ResWareTM. We help our clients strategize the best way to improve their business, and then work with them to make that vision a reality. We continue to work with our clients through the implementation phase and onward.

WINDWARD CONSULTING: Leading the Efficiency RevolutionTM

To learn more about our consulting services, call us today at 608-850-5170 and ask to speak to one of WINDWARD’s consultants. We’re excited to begin working with you!