Caribbean Youth Network


Caribbean Youth Network LOGOOur purpose is to serve as an international mission organization fostering the planting, partnering, and networking of relational, Christ-centered youth ministry to the ends that youth can be introduced to the Gospel and grow into a mature relationship with Christ.

  • 1. To plant relational, Christ-centered, community based youth ministry on islands throughout the Caribbean by:
    • a.) Praying for young people and youth ministry development throughout the Caribbean
    • b.) Responding to invitations from communities interested in youth ministry
    • c.) Reaching out to communities regardless of their social, ethnic or cultural background
    • d.) Living in the communities where this organization seeks to minister
    • e.) Building trusting relationships within the community in order to identify and understand others in their thinking, actions, methods, and world-views
    • f.) Identifying, training and empowering leaders
    • g.) Training leadership teams in spiritual leadership, relational ministry, evangelism, discipleship and camping
    • h.) Reaching out to disinterested and unchurched youth by providing regularly scheduled events and camping opportunities where they can hear the Gospel in a language they can understand
    • i.) Building personal relationships with youth
    • j.) Modeling an exemplary lifestyle that reflects the Lordship of Jesus Christ
    • k.) Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with youth
    • l.) Offering opportunities for young people to receive Christ as their personal Lord and Savior
    • m.) Committing to invest in relationships with these young people for the long haul; through the post-high school years and on into adulthood
    • n.) Disciplining teenagers who have responded to the Gospel and are seeking to follow Christ
    • o.) Creating student leadership and college leadership teams to help young people discover their gifts and reach their full God-given potential
    • p.) Always having the goal of creating a three-fold indigenous ministry (self-funding, self-governing, self-propagating)
    • q.) Assisting local leaders in the development of suitable places to conduct their ministry
    • r.) Introducing youth to the broader Body of Christ through involvement in a local church
  • 2. To partner with Caribbean youth organizations in order to serve them through any of the following ways:

    • a.) Providing air travel for ministry related purposes (camping, conferences, board meetings, training, etc.)
    • b.) Providing boat travel for ministry related purposes
    • c.) Providing financial assistance to youth organizations to further their ministry goals
    • d.) Providing training for directors, staff and volunteers
    • e.) Providing spiritual direction for directors, staff and volunteers
    • f.) Providing volunteer mission teams
    • g.) Recruiting, training, and sending missionary staff
    • h.) Offering professional advice and consultation in the areas of ministry related ventures, fundraising, and organizational development
    • i.) To function as a supply line for overseas youth ministries
    • j.) To facilitate support and aid for youth who are poor, orphaned, or abandoned by family
    • k.) To facilitate assistance for students to further educational achievement and advancement
  • 3. To facilitate the networking of like-minded youth organizations for the purposes of:

    • a.) Bringing isolated communities of youth ministry leaders together for encouragement, exposure, and equipping
    • b.) Bringing youth from different organizations, communities, and islands together for evangelistic camps, retreats, events, etc.
    • c.) Bringing college students and adults together for leadership training and planning
    • d.) Building healthy relationships, mutually benefiting from each other’s spiritual gifts, and exchanging resources and ideas

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