Resware Resware Changes Everything

ResWareTM simply redefines what "total solution" really means. No other industry software solution offers so much in one, integrated .NET package. Workflow process automation with Action Lists, dynamic Transactional RoboticsTM, and e-mail & fax server integration; vendor & AfBA partner management and coordination; web-based transaction management; document management; title, escrow, and closing production; auditing, advanced trust & escrow accounting; self-administration; and an unsurpassed list of advanced paperless office features make ResWareTM
The New Real Estate Industry StandardTM

All-In-One, Unique & Industry Leading Solution – ResWare™ is the New Real Estate Industry Standard™

Often Imitated, but NEVER Replicated

Imitation is the best form of flattery, but it should tell you something about our solution, our services, and about us. For over ten years now, WINDWARD and Adeptive have been a “thought leaders” and we have helped set the bar for what can be done in the industry. We don’t wait, we lead. We excel. We build solutions that are 5-7 years ahead of competition. We push the envelope and are never complacent. We are the first and we are the best. It is not ego, but instead modest pride in innovation, in the dramatic effect that ResWareTM has on its’ users, businesses and culture, and in our clients’ success that drives our incredible passion.
We are excited to propel our industry forward with new out-of-the-box, integrated solutions that guarantee our industry’s long-term, sustainable competitive advantage amidst constant changes, economic realities, and external forces.

Growth by Referrals from Happy Customers

We grow by referrals from happy customers. It is a simple, yet powerful business model. Make sure we exceed the expectations of ALL our clients and they will spread the word. We will then grow virally, by referrals, by passion, by excitement in the industry for what we can do, and by the success of each client. All of this builds upon our story, our success, and our passion for efficiency, transparency, paperless production, and automation. We take tremendous pride in the “juggling” that ResWareTM‘s embedded technologies do so that you can do what you do best – talking to clients, growing and expanding your business, making complex decisions, etc. There is no reason that ResWareTM cannot be administered to perform mundane, monotonous, and repetitive tasks to reduce stress, struggle, repetition and effort – so that you can go home at night and not feel like a “bowl of jello”. Having energy to spend with your spouse, children, friends and family after a day of work on ResWareTM is what drives our passion.
It is no accident that WINDWARD chose Leading the Efficiency RevolutionTM as its guiding principle.