Chart a New Course for Success


As a TRUSTED PARTNER to its clients, WINDWARD CONSULTING guides companies in the real estate, title, escrow, settlement services, vendor management, REO, legal, searching, abstracting, notary, relocation, insurance, financial services, and other paper-based “transactional” industries as they streamline and automate their workflow, operations, and business strategy. We are business process and technology experts committed to helping our clients achieve the success that results from true efficiency. With WINDWARD strategists on your side, you can break away from the pack.

ResWareTM has revolutionized the way that the real estate, title, escrow, settlement services, insurance, and many other industries handle “transactions”:
Learn more on how to:

  • STREAMLINE your “Best Practice” processes
  • LEVERAGE cutting edge technologies
  • REDUCE your errors
  • IMPROVE your profitability
  • SUSTAIN your competitive advantage


Call us at (608) 850-5170 or e-mail us at: info-email to learn how WINDWARD CONSULTING can align your business’s process flow with its goals and improve every facet of your operations.

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