What We Do


WINDWARD CONSULTING: Leading the Efficiency RevolutionTM

Simply put, WINDWARD passionately sells ResWareTM and helps companies in the real estate, title, escrow, settlement services, Vendor Management, REO, Legal, Searching, Abstracting, Notary, Relocation, Insurance and Financial Services industries achieve their full potential. Many companies in these respective industries are wasting their time and resources by sticking to the same bloated, inefficient business methodologies that were standard twenty years ago.
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Our guiding mission is to foster positive, automated change in YOUR “TRANSACTIONAL” INDUSTRY.
So many companies know that they are stuck in second gear—processing less volume than they should, frustrated by the hours sucked up by mindless nitty-gritty, monotonous tasks like locating files or sending emails—but they don’t know how to effect the changes they need to truly thrive. WINDWARD, and its partner, Adeptive Software Corporation, have crafted an end-to-end product and services solution to this problem, and, together, we are now one of the fastest growing software and consulting companies in the industry because of it.
WINDWARD passionately markets and sells the most advanced, feature-rich software in the industry – ResWareTM -, and we work with our clients to promote effective change management and set them on the right course for years to come.

Promoting a Better Way of Doing Business… One Company, One Agency at a Time

WINDWARD CONSULTING passionately markets, sells and implements software that aligns your business process flow with your goals. Industry-leading ResWareTM software provides a complete end-to-end solution, allowing our clients to easily manage their vendors and clients, automate as much of each transaction as possible, and enjoy the benefits of a transparent, automated, and efficient paperless workflow.
WINDWARD CONSULTING isn’t simply a software sales and consulting company. Above all, WINDWARD is a TRUSTED PARTNER to its clients, which means that we support, alongside Adeptive Software Corporation, our clients through the ResWareTM implementation phase and beyond.
Are you ready to revolutionize the way that your company does business? Are you interested in how WINDWARD CONSULTING and ResWareTM can drastically increase transactional capacity, leverage automation, and slash turn times while increasing employee and client satisfaction? Call WINDWARD today at 608-850-5170 or e-mail info-email to learn more.