Linear Title Capitalizes on Automatic Wire Submission with ResWare

Written by on Wednesday May 22, 2013

Boulder, CO & Waunakee, WI 53597 – January 4, 2013 – WINDWARD and Adeptive Software, the developer of ResWare™, has integrated with Wells Fargo to drastically improve the process of initiating outgoing wires. In the past, an accountant had to log into the Wells Fargo website to initiate an outgoing wire, either rekeying or cutting and pasting information for the wire into the Wells Fargo website. Using this new integration, information flows directly from ResWare to Wells Fargo. Not only does this decrease the number of steps needed, but it also eliminates possible mistakes made when re-keying data. In addition, wire confirmation details are automatically pushed back into ResWare when Wells Fargo has successfully sent the wire.
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Our Website – Linear Title is the first customer of ResWare that has benefited from this integration. “Wells Fargo has been the most willing and cooperative partner.
Other banking partners were not as willing to pursue our vision of integration to the full extent that Wells Fargo has explored. Their technical and business banking personnel have been easy to work with and have displayed the height of professionalism during this process,” states Todd Costa, Chief Financial Officer, Linear Title.
“By eliminating the manual step of re-keying the wire information into the bank’s website, we’re providing our employees with the tools to process more files in less time and giving them back time to address other items,” adds Jessica Digilio, Chief Technology Officer, Linear Title.
Bryan Buus, President of Adeptive, says: “We continue to automate steps throughout the entire title and escrow process. Partnering with Wells Fargo has proven to be a time saver and cost saver for clients.”
Based in Wisconsin, WINDWARD has been the trusted and exclusive sales and marketing partner for ResWare for the last nine years. Strategically partnered with Adeptive, WINDWARD passionately markets and sells ResWare. WINDWARD’s experienced team also simultaneously integrates powerful end-user training; strategy, process reengineering, Transactional Robotics™ automation, and change management consulting, and successful ResWare project management guidance for guaranteeing the success of clients. Curt Szymanski, the President of Windward Consulting, LLC and the WINDWARD team are proud to be LEADING THE EFFICIENCY REVOLUTION™ in our ever-changing real estate, vendor management, title & escrow, REO, law, lending and related industries. Mr. Szymanski, as President of WINDWARD has utilized his extensive hands-on experience to significantly improve speed, throughput, accuracy, and customer satisfaction. WINDWARD’s services and functionality within ResWare have contributed to significantly reducing costs for an explosively growing list of satisfied and industry-leading ResWare clients.
About Adeptive
WINDWARD’s partner, based in Boulder, CO, Adeptive is a technology company that develops products that deliver efficiency, flexibility and scalability for the real estate title industry. Adeptive is known primarily in the title industry for its product ResWare™, which is a process flow software package that can be scaled and customized for any size operation. Used by many of the industry’s leading companies, ResWare™ ensures that transactions are accurate and efficient and that employees are executing the same way every time, reducing missing information, lost productivity, and costly errors. Adeptive is the fastest growing company in the title and escrow software market, thanks to ResWare’s continued strong adoption by agents and underwriters across the country.
WINDWARD, the WINDWARD logo, Transactional Robotics, CHANGES EVERYTHING, Transactional Automation, Title Robotics and Leading the Efficiency Revolution are registered trademarks of WINDWARD CONSULTING | SOFTWARE, LLC, A Wisconsin Limited Liability Company. ResWare is a registered trademark of Adeptive Software Corporation.


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