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Written by on Monday May 13, 2013

In consulting lingo, there’s a lot of talk of “streamlining” a company’s process. Windward Consulting, for instance, helps streamline the business process of companies in the title and settlement services industry. But what does “streamlining” actually mean?
It’s a term we’ve coopted from fluid dynamics. The “streamline” is a line along which moving fluid is least turbulent. Think of milk being poured into coffee. Only a part of that stream of milk will flow straight to the bottom—the rest will interact with the coffee, lose its course, and become clouded up.
The goal of “streamlining” a company is making sure it reaches its goals following the path of least resistance. There’s no way to simply snap your fingers and conjure up a complete title order, but there’s no reason to make things more difficult than they need to be either. Too many companies waste their time and resources on the “turbulence”-dissipating their momentum by having intelligent, capable employees spending their time typing out standard emails, hunting for missing paperwork, and juggling the various steps of each of their transactions.
At Windward, we help companies eliminate that turbulence, so that more of the company’s energies and resources directly contribute to fulfilling the company’s vision.
Are you interested in learning more about how Windward Consulting could help your company streamline its energy and resources? Call us at 608-513-2508 and speak with one of our consultants today!


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