Resware Resware Changes Everything

ResWareTM simply redefines what "total solution" really means. No other industry software solution offers so much in one, integrated .NET package. Workflow process automation with Action Lists, dynamic Transactional RoboticsTM, and e-mail & fax server integration; vendor & AfBA partner management and coordination; web-based transaction management; document management; title, escrow, and closing production; auditing, advanced trust & escrow accounting; self-administration; and an unsurpassed list of advanced paperless office features make ResWareTM
The New Real Estate Industry StandardTM

Ingenious ResWare™ Architecture & Software Deployment

Strong Architecture Platform – .NET, C#, ASP-.NET, SQL

Ten years ago, ResWareTM‘s management and development team “bet” on Microsoft®’s long-term viability, SQL database and C#, .NET / ASP-.NET technologies. This has positioned ResWareTM with a strong object-based architecture based on industry-leading .NET, C#, ASP-.NET, and a scalable, replicable SQL database as its backbone. Our architecture supports offices with less than ten (10) users to enterprise deployments with over one-thousand (1000) users nationwide.

The ResWare™ Triangle

The ResWareTM WinForms® Desktop application, Web-Based Transaction Management System (TMS) and ResWareTM SQL Database form a stable and powerful “triad” that forms the foundation for industry-dominance, flexibility of process deployment by our clients, and long-term leadership. The ResWareTM Triangle gives our trusted users the ability to assign and distribute tasks via the WWW, to exchange information and documents via the WWW, to accept orders from the WWW, and to allow their clients to get real-time GFE estimates (along with corresponding HUD line breakdown) on a branded WWW web-interface. Using a secure HTTPS interface, ResWareTM‘s ability to secure documents, and Partner-specific control and access to Templates, sensitive nonpublic, private information can be protected. The architecture and design of ResWareTM supports distributed, branch operations across cubicles, offices, counties, states and even countries, as Internal Users can access ResWareTM Client Winforms® Desktop via a LAN or WAN or via Remote Desktop, CITRIX, Terminal Services or Hyper-V, and Partners can participate in the process via web-based functions available on the secure ResWareTM Transaction Management System (TMS) from any device with internet connectivity. We aim to break down the geographic barriers that have previously inhibited your growth, collaboration, and cooperation amongst parties spread out over large geographic areas.

  • Office Options
  • Roles and Role Groups
  • Hybrid Deployment Architecture Possible
    • LAN-based Desktop Implementation in Central Processing Centers
    • “Cloud-based” Remote Access for Branch Offices, Closing Sites
  • Hosted or 3rd-Party Hosted Solution Can Operate Inside or Outside the Cloud
  • Web-Based Transaction Management System (TMS) via the World Wide Web (WWW) via internet browsers, and accessible on mobile devices such as iPads, iPhones, DROID, Samsung Galaxy, etc.
  • Assignment of Actions in any Cubicle, to any Branch Office Team… Transcends Geographic Boundaries.