Imagine and Implement Any Transactional Process with Action Lists™ & Transactional Robotics™ / Transactional Automation™


Action ListsTM inside ResWareTM can be configured for ANY transactional process that can be decomposed into discrete tasks or serial (or parallel) Actions, including but not limited to Purchase, Refinance, Title Only, Reverse Mortgage, Short Sale, Relocation –Destination, Relocation-Departure, Deed in Lieu, Foreclosure, Underwriter Claim, Appraisal, Home Warranty, Survey, Payoff, Real Estate Servicing, Buyer Representation, Seller Representation, Dual Representation, Property Management, Asset Management, Claims Management, Insurance, or even complex Commercial Closing workflows or processes.
Your imagination and creativity is the only limit! Any of these transactional processes can be “modeled” and automated with ResWareTM powerful Action ListTM features, along with coupled Transactional RoboticsTM and Transactional AutomationTM.
WINDWARD, too, will provide consulting expertise and Microsoft® Excel-based Action ListsTM to your organization, as best practice workflows to accelerate and provide guidelines for your workflow design refinement process before importing into ResWareTM.
Having worked with hundreds and hundreds of companies over the last decade, WINDWARD is accustomed to listening to our clients workflow process, automation and vendor management needs, as well as rapidly assisting in implementing “best practice”, repeatable, efficient, and automated transactional processes with Action ListsTM inside ResWareTM.
WINDWARD has clients who have successfully leveraged ResWareTM in the following sub-market segments:

  • • Title Only
  • • Title & Escrow
  • • Sub-Escrow
  • • Search / Abstractor Management
  • • Notary Management & Remote Closing Management
  • • Banking/Lending & Mortgage
  • • Law Firms
  • • Real Estate Servicing
  • • REO & Default Services
  • • Foreclosure
  • • Relocation
  • • Real Estate Agency
  • • Property Asset Management
  • • National Vendor Management
  • • Appraisal Management
  • • Real Estate Brokerage
  • • National Title Agency Workshare Coordination (Underwriter Division)
  • • Underwriter Claim Management
  • • Underwriting
  • • Insurance<
  • • 1031 Exchange
  • • Survey, Flood & Credit
  • • Recording
  • • Offshore Searching / Keying

Why not leverage ResWareTM to run multiple businesses, like those listed above, with the same hardware/software ResWareTM (using multiple “Offices” (Companies)) implementation to further maximize your Return on Investment (ROI)?